Why Choose A Medical Facial?

Why Choose A Medical Facial?

Anyone looking for a refresh or rejuvenating facial skin treatment can find one at a local spa or salon, but only licensed physicians are qualified to take your skincare to the next level. A medical facial isn’t just a pre-packaged face mask you can get at the mall, it’s a custom-designed, medical-grade treatment plan for your most stubborn problem areas.

What is a Medical Facial?

There are many different types of medical facials that can only be performed by a licensed dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kayastha. At their core, medical facials utilize high-strength products and tools to resolve issues with your facial skin — the same goal as a traditional spa facial, but with top-of-the-line procedures.

The facial format looks the same as a spa treatment, with steps aimed at cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, but with a completely different set of tools. For example, while spas may use special creams, stones, or face masks, medical facials may utilize surgical knives to strip away dead skin, ultrasound devices to stimulate skin cells far below the surface, or radio waves to firm the skin.

Basically, although the word “facial” makes it seem like a simple process, a medical facial is a legitimate medical procedure that requires a trained and licensed professional to administer.

Who is a Candidate for a Medical Facial?

Medical facials are fully customizable to fit your skincare needs and underlying health concerns. In this regard, nearly anyone could qualify for a medical facial as long as they consult with their dermatologist or skincare professional beforehand. Typical cases include people with acne-prone, sun-damaged, or aging skin that is not remedied by over-the-counter or commercial solutions.

People with severe acne or other chronic conditions, including rosacea and skin allergies, may not be eligible for certain procedures often included in a medical facial package. In addition, certain ingredients and equipment sometimes used in medical facials may cause adverse side effects in people with heart conditions, pregnant women, and people on certain medications. Because of this, it’s always best to have a consultation with a licensed healthcare professional before committing to a medical facial procedure.

What is the process for various Medical Facial Procedures?

Because they utilize a wide range of technology and skincare products, medical facials won’t always look the same from patient to patient. Here are some components of a medical facial that treat many patients’ common problem areas:


As with most facials, the first step is to cleanse the skin of dirt and oils to prepare the skin for the following steps without harming your skin’s natural growth cycle. Medical facials can use a variety of much more potent cleaning compounds like chemical peels and special soaps.

Steam Treatment

While not every step of a medical facial at K Plastic Surgery will be a soothing spa experience (it is a medical procedure, after all), steam treatment is about as relaxing as it can get. The warmth of the steam relaxes and opens up the skin, while the water vapor softens debris deep in pores.


There are many tools and techniques used to exfoliate the skin during a medical facial, including physical (dermabrasion) and chemical (face masks and enzymes). Dr. Kayastha offers both dermaplaning and microblading, which stimulates the growth of new skin cells while simultaneously preparing the skin for rejuvenation and moisturization.


The final step in a medical facial is to tone and moisturize your skin. This step restores your skin to its most natural beauty by returning your skin to a neutral pH level (which may have been altered in previous steps) and moisturizing with medical-strength compounds.

What are the Benefits of a Medical Facial?

A medical facial is a first-class facial skincare treatment procedure that will leave your skin looking youthful, clear, and radiant. The results of a medical facial by Dr. Kayastha are immediate and can last up to 2 months.

The main way a medical facial differs from your average spa day’s facial is that it’s fully customizable. While non-professional products and skincare services will advertise packages that make it seem like the more you spend, the better your skin, a medical facial is tailored to your personal situation. You get the attention you deserve and the products you need; nothing more, nothing less.

In addition, because a medical facial is administered by a licensed and/or board-certified physician, you can be assured that you receive the highest-quality products and tools there are to offer. Because this treatment option is a professional healthcare procedure, like your regular dental checkups, patients recommend regular visits for the longest-lasting and best results.

When Should I Get a Medical Facial?

There’s no time like the present! As with any medical procedure, please consult with a licensed dermatologist before receiving this treatment to address any chronic or underlying conditions that may affect your personal treatment plan.

You can get multiple medical facial treatments if desired and/or necessary, for instance, to address persistent acne or other condition, but a regular treatment plan isn’t necessary for everyone. A medical facial can just be a way to rejuvenate your skin in a deep way that spas just can’t match.

It’s usually recommended to limit sun exposure after receiving this treatment, however, Dr. Kayastha will brief you fully on your specific post-procedural guidelines after your treatment.

What are the Results of a Medical Facial?

After getting a medical facial from K Plastic Surgery, your skin will look and feel good from the inside out. That’s because the tools and products used by Dr. Kayastha are clinically proven to stimulate skin cells far beneath the surface to encourage healthy skin growth beyond the days immediately following treatment.

In fact, because your facial skin cells take about 3–4 weeks to fully regenerate, you can rest assured that your skin will look healthy, youthful, and naturally beautiful for up to a month after treatment. Can your spa day do that?

Medical Facials in Latham, NY

If you’re curious about the benefits and simplicity of a medical facial procedure, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Kayastha is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon with proven expertise in facial rejuvenation treatments including medical facials. Get started by scheduling a consultation by calling K Plastic Surgery at 518-674-9060 or filling out the online form.

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