What Results Can You Expect from CoolSculpting?

What Results Can You Expect from CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a popular nonsurgical body contouring method that can remove your most stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. With CoolSculpting, you can take those final inches off your waistline. Your CoolSculpting results will be based on several factors, including your body type, treated area, and metabolism. The areas that can be treated with CoolSculpting are bra fat, back fat, love handles, under the chin, and the abdomen. If you’re considering CoolSculpting for your nonsurgical body contouring treatment, here’s what you can expect:

The Results of CoolSculpting 

CoolSculpting is effective, safe, and FDA-cleared to reduce fat by delivering controlled cooling to target the fat cells under the skin effectively and gently. The treated fat cells will be frozen and naturally eliminated by the body. Results are not immediate but will become noticeable over the next several weeks as this process occurs. Once eliminated, the treated fat cells cannot return, leading to long-lasting results. Because CoolSculpting is non-invasive, no scarring is involved after treatment, and the skin is left unharmed. 

How Long Before CoolSculpting Results Show? 

Being patient with your CoolSculpting results is essential, and you should not be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Patients who have had CoolSculpting will see their first results in about one month. However, the final results will be apparent in about three months. Some patients can have different body treatments to reach their sculpting goals. 

The results from CoolSculpting may also depend on the individual patient as well. Some people may respond to CoolSculpting faster, while others may not see any changes for up to 4 months. However, every patient should expect results within 8 to 16 weeks. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need to See Results?

While one CoolSculpting session might be enough for some patients, most require several spaced-out treatments. The number of sessions you need will depend on your body’s response to CoolSculpting, the location of your stubborn fat, and the amount of stubborn fat you have present. Your CoolSculpting professional will review your unique treatment process with you to determine how many sessions you can expect. 

How Much Will You Pay for CoolSculpting?   

Other factors may determine CoolSculpting price, like your treatment location, how many areas are being treated, and how many sessions you’ll need. The right way to determine the treatment’s price is to get a consultation with a qualified provider. 

If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting and the results you can expect, you can contact us at K Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kayastha board certified plastic surgeon located in Albany, NY.

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Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon who serves Albany, NY and the entire Capital Region. Dr. Kayastha completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with distinction in all subjects. He then attended medical school at SUNY Buffalo. During his time in Buffalo he also completed a fellowship in surgical pathology at Roswell Park. Following medical school Dr. Kayastha gained a much sought after position in the Michigan State-Grand Rapids integrated plastic surgery residency. After finishing residency training Dr. Kayastha completed a one year fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. To round out his training before starting private practice Dr. Kayastha spent an additional 6 months learning from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. Kayastha is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.