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Are Compression Garments Necessary After Body Contouring Surgery?

Are Compression Garments Necessary After Body Contouring Surgery?

A successful plastic surgery outcome is influenced by a combination of factors — how you prepare for the procedure, your general state of physical and mental health, and what you do during the recovery process. Many patients who undergo body contouring surgeries such as tummy tucks or liposuction ask how they can heal quickly and get optimum results. Wearing compression garments during recovery is crucial in both regards.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Garments During Recovery

A compression garment is a form-fitting undergarment that should be worn immediately after a body-contouring procedure. Compression garments are worn to promote quicker healing and to help the skin and muscles to adhere to new their contours. Compression garments:

    • Reduce bruising and swelling by promoting consistent fluid distribution
    • Reduce the risk of infection by keeping the surgical site sterile
    • Promote quicker healing and reduced incidence of hematomas and seromas by increasing blood circulation
    • Promote proper and even skin adhesion

How long should I wear compression garments?

The length of time required to wear compression garments after a body contouring procedure depends on the type of procedure and how the plastic surgeon seals the incisions. Compression garments are typically worn for two to six weeks following liposuction or a tummy tuck.

It is important to note that ill-fitting compression garments may do more harm than good and increase one’s chances of seromas, uneven skin composition, scarring, and tissue necrosis (death). So, choosing compression garments with the proper fit should be a priority.

Planning for Your Body Contouring Surgery

If you have been contemplating undergoing a body contouring procedure, let us help you out! Our unique approach to body contouring procedures is to do more than just remove excess skin and fat, but rather to create a body contour that is natural-looking and aesthetically balanced.

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