Discover a new sleeker you. Liposuction can reduce unwanted fat.

in Albany, NY

Recovery: 1 area: 2-4 days & Multiple areas: 1-2 weeks

Cost: $5,000 - $6000 for one area in the hospital & $4500 for one area of Smartlipo in office

Anesthesia: Local or General

Length: 1-2 hours per area

What is liposuction?

Dr. Kayastha has extensive experience helping patients achieve slimmer profiles using liposuction. Liposuction or “Lipo” is the most common cosmetic procedure. Liposuction removes excess fat to contour and reshape areas of the body. This is done using small 3-4mm incisions to access the surgical site. After that, the tumescent fluid which consists of saline, dilute local anesthetic and epinephrine is infiltrated into the area. This fluid numbs the area and makes the removal of fat easier. Fat is then removed using a narrow metal tube called a cannula. This requires meticulous technique and strict attention to detail to deliver smooth, natural results.  Dr. Kayastha pays strict attention during your procedure while using his vision and hands to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Dr. Kayastha offers liposuction procedures at his cosmetic surgery practice in Albany, NY. When you meet with Dr. Kayastha you can expect a thorough consultation to determine which procedure is best suited to help you achieve your goals. 

I work out and eat healthily but still have some areas where I wish I had less fat.”

Do you have pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise? Most of us have one or more areas of our bodies that we wish could be trimmer. When eating healthy and endless cardio don’t lead to the improvements you are seeking liposuction might be the answer.

Liposuction can be used to remove fat from almost any area of the body to reveal a more sculpted appearance. It can help create balance, proportion and an overall more attractive form. Liposuction can also be performed alone or with other plastic surgery procedures like a tummy tuck or breast reduction. During your consultation, Dr. Kayastha will examine you and determine if liposuction is the correct procedure to help you achieve your goals. He will then develop a unique customized plan for your procedure based on your goals and examination. Dr. Kayastha strives to deliver natural-looking results that bring out the best version of you.


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What can liposuction do for me?

  • I’m having another surgical procedure. Can liposuction be added to that procedure?
  • I have fat underneath my chin. Can liposuction work for that?

Who is a Candidate for Liposuction?

If you have areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise you might be a candidate for liposuction. You should be in good general health and close to your ideal body weight to be considered a suitable patient to undergo liposuction.
In general:
You're within 15% of your ideal body weight
You have good skin tone (elasticity) in the area you want to be treated
You are in good overall health

During your consultation, Dr. Kayastha will interview and examine you to see if liposuction might be the correct procedure to help you achieve your goals.

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Liposuction FAQs

How does Lipo work?

The first step in liposuction involves filling the treatment area with tumescent fluid. Tumescent fluid is composed of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine. This fluid has multiple purposes. Lidocaine numbs the treatment area to increase comfort during and after the procedure. Epinephrine or adrenaline is a powerful vasoconstrictor. This means that it causes blood vessels to shrink. This works to very effectively decrease blood loss at the surgical site. The saline solution is used to distend and make the treatment area firm. This allows liposuction to be performed efficiently.nAfter installation of the fluid, a metal tube (cannula) that has holes in the end and is connected to a vacuum is passed back and forth in the treatment area. Fat is broken loose with the cannula and removed with the vacuum.

What is the difference between the different types of liposuction?

When you’re learning about liposuction you will hear of many different types of liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is the final common pathway because no matter what is done before that, all liposuction procedures conclude with tumescent liposuction.nnLaser liposuction or SmartLipo involves using a laser to melt fat and heat the skin prior to tumescent liposuction. It is thought to be less traumatic than tumescent liposuction alone. Heating the skin is thought to cause more skin retraction or tightening that just regular liposuction. Dr. Kayastha commonly performs laser liposuction, SmartLipo, for his patients in and around Albany, NY.nnUltrasound-assisted liposuction has been around longer than laser liposuction and can be very useful in particular situations. VASER liposuction is the most popular type of ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Just like laser liposuction, VASER is performed before tumescent liposuction. The VASER device uses ultrasound energy just like SmartLipo uses laser energy to break up fat. VASER liposuction is particularly useful when performing high definition liposuction or when treating fibrous areas like a male chest. It can also be used in other areas to make fat removal less labor-intensive.

What is the best type of liposuction?

The best technique for liposuction will depend on each patient. For some laser liposuction with Smartlipo Triplex may be the optimal technique. For others, VASER ultrasonic liposuction may be best. The final common pathway is always tumescent liposuction.nThe most important factor in liposuction is usually not the exact type of liposuction but the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure. Effective liposuction requires skill and judgment to achieve good results while keeping the patient safe and avoiding complications.

How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

Unfortunately fat does not weigh a lot. Even with larger volume liposuction procedures, actual weight loss is usually not more than a few pounds.

How painful is liposuction recovery?

Liposuction surgery is not very painful compared to other common surgeries. Most patients use pain medication for 0-3 days following liposuction. Many patients having a single area done do not use any pain medication after their procedure.

Does fat come back after lipo?

If you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle and gain weight following liposuction it is possible for fat to return.

Can liposuction get rid of belly fat?

Yes and no. The fat that is inside your abdomen around your intestines cannot be removed with liposuction. This type of fat is known as visceral fat. The best way to decrease visceral fat is with weight loss. The fat that can be removed with liposuction is known as subdermal fat. This is the fat between the skin and muscles of the abdominal wall.

Are you put to sleep for liposuction?

What kind of anesthesia you require for liposuction will depend on how extensive your procedure is. Small to medium amounts of liposuction can be performed in the office with local anesthesia. Larger volumes or multiple areas of the body are typically done in the hospital with general anesthesia.

Can I get liposuction if I am overweight?

Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure. It is best to be near your ideal body weight when considering liposuction. If you are very overweight you may not be a candidate for the procedure.

Can visceral fat be removed?

Visceral fat is fat that in inside your abdomen surrounding your vital organs. Visceral fat cannot be removed. Visceral fat does shrink with weight loss. The first line treatments for visceral fat are diet and exercise. Sometimes, gastric bypass may be considered for those who are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise.

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Compassion for his work

I wanted to share my experience with Dr. K. in the event anyone is hesitant about plastic surgery. I was not feeling great about myself and decided to consult with Dr. K. He answered all of my questions and then some. He, and his staff, made me feel extremely comfortable with my decision to alter some aspects of my body. I am so thrilled with the outcome. His compassion for his work and patients is exceptional. Consult with him – you will not be disappointed.

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