Body Contouring

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Body Contouring

Body contouring after major weight loss is performed to remove loose skin and remaining fat. It also reposition and reshape underlying tissues. The goal is to look better and feel comfortable with your new body.

Losing weight is an awesome accomplishment, but many patients feel distressed because they are left with excess or loose skin that will not tighten up no matter what they do. This excess skin and hanging fat causes all kinds of difficulties. These include problems with sweat-trapping and rashes, difficulty exercising, difficulty with clothes fitting and intimacy issues. Patients are often uncomfortable being undressed with their significant others. The issues can affect self-esteem and even lead to depression. The good news is that all of these common problems after massive weight loss can be improved with plastic surgery.

Dr. Kayastha specializes in body contouring after weight loss. He understands the issues that come from losing significant weight whether it is from bariatric surgery or a combination of diet and exercise. He has spoken to and taken care of many patients who were uncomfortable with their new body after weight loss. He is sensitive to the issues that arise from excess loose skin and is ready to help you feel better about your new body.

Dr. Kayastha has had multiple patients remark that undergoing body contouring procedures “changed their life”. It is a source of great satisfaction for him to help patients that have improved their overall health and wellbeing due to weight loss. There are multiple procedures that one may do after weight loss.

Post weight loss procedures include:

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Dr. K. – an exceptional doctor

Dr. K., you are an exceptional doctor. Wonderful bedside manner, but most important you take time with your patients and listen carefully to what it is we/your patients are seeking to have done. You speak truth and I thank you so much for the revision/correction you recently performed on me. I am extremely happy with the results. Your staff is pretty amazing too. I’d give you more stars, if I could. **********

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