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What is a Neck and Chin Lift?

A neck and chin lift is a surgical procedure that can smooth and tighten the skin on the neck and provide a more toned and youthful appearance. The neck may sag as a result of aging or weight loss and is often affected before the face. Loose neck muscles can lead to an appearance of bands on the neck or drastic drooping of the skin. A neck and chin lift can address these areas to redefine the chin and jawline and reduce the appearance of neckbands.

Who is a Candidate for Neck and Chin Lift?

Candidates for a neck and chin lift are those who experience sagging in the neck area due to age, weight loss, or other factors. The results of this procedure can offer a drastic improvement to the appearance of the neck. A neck lift may be performed alongside a facelift or may be performed alone. Candidates must be mentally and physically healthy to undergo a surgical procedure and plan for recovery and downtime.

Neck and Chin Lift FAQs

How do I tighten my jawline?

Although there are non-surgical ways to tighten and lift the neck, youll find the most transformative results with a neck lift.

How long does it take to recover from a neck lift?

You should be able to return to work after about one to two weeks following your neck lift procedure. It may take around six weeks to see the full results.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and tighten the area to reduce signs of aging.

Is Neck lift surgery dangerous?

Neck lift surgery is generally safe. Possible risks include infection, bleeding, or scarring.

What is the best treatment for saggy neck?

The best treatment for mild to moderate sagging in the neck is a neck lift procedure.

How do I prepare for a neck lift?

Its advised that you stop smoking and drinking before your neck lift procedure. Your surgeon will go over all of the pre-op instructions and determine any medications you need to stop taking before the procedure.

How much does a facelift and neck lift cost?

You can typically save costs by combining your facelift and neck lift. Youll receive a full estimate of your cost during your consultation with Dr. Kayastha. The cost is dependent on many factors like surgeons fees, facilities, recovery materials, anesthesia, and location.

What is a lunchtime facelift?

The lunchtime facelift, or non-surgical facelift, is a facial rejuvenation procedure that uses quick and easy treatments like fillers and Botox to lift and rejuvenate the facial profile.

What is a non surgical neck lift?

A non-surgical neck lift can be many things since it typically incorporates non-surgical treatments according to your needs. This may include injectables, laser treatments, minimally-invasive skin tightening treatments, or even threads.

What is mini neck lift?

The mini neck lift is a less extensive version of the neck lift. It usually includes techniques like muscle tightening and liposuction to improve the profile of the jawline.

What Happens During the Neck and Chin Lift?

A neck lift procedure includes both a cervicoplasty to tighten excess skin and a platysmaplasty to remove or alter muscles in the neck. Liposuction can also be used to remove excess fat. This takes two to three hours and may be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the preference of the patient. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

After neck and chin lift, swelling and bruising may occur shortly and last up to ten days. Most people can return to work and other regular activities within two weeks after surgery. Recovery is typically longer if patients had a combined facelift and neck lift. Once swelling and bruising have diminished, patients can enjoy a more contoured neck and jawline without sagging.

If you’re interested in learning more about the neck and chin lift or want to find out if you’re a candidate contact our office today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kayastha.

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