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What is Nipple Surgery?

Nipple Reduction is a surgical procedure developed to improve the appearance of enlarged nipples and therefore the chest and breast. Nipple reductions are requested due to long or over-sized nipples being a great source of embarrassment for both men and women.

This procedure is designed to reshape or reduce the size of the nipple and is quick and simple with almost immediate results and minimal risk. Many people confuse the areola (the darker pigmented skin around the nipple) with the nipple (the projected part of the breast), although it can also be combined with an areola reduction. It can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift. This is an increasingly popular procedure with patients.

Who is a Candidate for Nipple Surgery?

Candidates for nipple surgery are those who are unhappy with the size or shape of their nipples. Those who are already undergoing another breast procedure like augmentation or lift can benefit from nipple surgery to enhance their results. Nipple surgery can also be performed alone if patients experience puffy nipples or are unhappy with nipple projection, but are content with their breasts otherwise.

What Happens During Nipple Surgery?

During nipple surgery, a local anesthetic will be administered for your comfort. Tiny incisions are then made around the areola where scarring will be as minimal as possible. Excess tissue can then be removed and the nipple is resized and reshaped.

Nipple Surgery FAQs

What kind of scars will I have?

Incisions will be made around the areola so any appearance of scarring will be minimal.

Will this procedure impact my ability to breastfeed in the future?

You should still be able to breastfeed after nipple surgery.

Can you get surgery for flat nipples?

Yes, nipple surgery can alter the appearance of flat or inverted nipples.

How can a woman reduce her nipple size without surgery?

The only way to effectively reduce your nipple size is to undergo nipple surgery.

How long does nipple reconstruction take?

Most nipple surgeries only take about half an hour to an hour to complete.

Is nipple reduction painful?

Local anesthesia will be used during your procedure to minimize pain or discomfort. Patients may experience some bruising, swelling, or tenderness in the days following the nipple surgery.

Can you get nipple surgery on the NHS?

This will depend on the individual and their reasons for getting the surgery.

How much does it cost to fix flat nipples?

On average, it can cost anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 to fix flat or inverted nipples.

How much does nipple surgery cost?

Nipple surgery can cost an average of 1,600 to 2,500. Consult with your surgeon for more accurate pricing.

How painful is nipple reconstruction?

There is pain associated with every type of surgery but youll be given detailed instructions on managing pain with medications. Most pain lasts for only 1-3 days before beginning to subside.

How long does it take to recover from nipple surgery?

It can take 1-2 weeks to recover from nipple surgery. If you work a more intensive job, you may need to take additional time off work.

How successful is nipple reconstruction?

Nipple reconstruction is one of the most effective ways to change the appearance of the nipples.

What should I do after nipple surgery?

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover after surgery. Our team will supply detailed instructions on how to care for your surgical site as well.

Does inverted nipple surgery affect sensitivity?

Most patients experience some change in sensitivity after surgery, but sensitivity often returns in the following months. More rarely, changes in sensitivity are permanent.

When can I wear a bra after nipple reconstruction?

Make sure to wait at least one week after surgery before returning to wearing bras.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

Dr. Kayastha’s patients experience little bruising, very little swelling if any, and some tenderness around the incision area. All in all, there is very little discomfort with very minimal downtime and most patients return to normal activity within a day or two. Recovery is longer if patients choose to combine their nipple surgery with another breast procedure like breast augmentation or lift. In this case, patients can expect 1-2 weeks of recovery with an extended period of exercise restrictions.


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Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon who serves Albany, NY and the entire Capital Region. Dr. Kayastha completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with distinction in all subjects. He then attended medical school at SUNY Buffalo. During his time in Buffalo he also completed a fellowship in surgical pathology at Roswell Park. Following medical school Dr. Kayastha gained a much sought after position in the Michigan State-Grand Rapids integrated plastic surgery residency. After finishing residency training Dr. Kayastha completed a one year fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. To round out his training before starting private practice Dr. Kayastha spent an additional 6 months learning from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. Kayastha is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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A family member is a patient of Dr. Kayastha and I cannot speak highly enough of how well she was treated from the consultation to the post op experience. He explained everything, her questions were answered and she was put at ease from the beginning. The office staff and his medical assistants are just as helpful. Four weeks out from her surgery and she is very pleased with her results. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

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