Albany Breast Lift

The effects of gravity, pregnancy, nursing, genetics, and changes in weight effect all areas of the body, particularly the breasts. For women whose breasts have begun to sag, a Breast Lift Procedure, or Mastopexy, may be the answer to achieving more youthful, firm breasts.

During the Breast Lift Procedure an incision is generally made around the areola. The areola and nipple is kept intact to it’s original nerves and blood supply while the surrounding skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned. The areola will then be slightly lifted to it’s new, higher position and the remaining skin is closed around it, creating more youthful looking breasts. For women who are already satisfied with the size of their breasts a breast lift procedure alone may be all that is needed to create the desired results. However, for women who have been dissatisfied with their breasts or who feel their breasts have “deflated,” a breast lift coupled with a breast augmentation may be needed to achieve the outcome that is sought.