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What is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure to remove the breast implants. Breast implants don’t last forever, so eventually you may need to have them replaced. Some women choose to have them removed for other reasons. Breast implant removal without replacement is a simple procedure that utilizes your previous incision sites to avoid any new scarring. The procedure can be performed alone to return the breasts to their natural appearance, or can be combined with a breast lift to correct any sagging after volume loss.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

Candidates for breast implant removal are those who are unhappy with their current breast implants or have experienced a complication such as a leak or rupture. Capsular contracture can develop as a buildup of scar tissue, resulting in a hardened feeling. With implant removal, your old implant will be taken out and the scar tissue can also be removed. Breast implant removal can return your breasts to their natural size and shape by removing the implant. once the implant is removed, it can take several months for your breasts to return to their natural shape. A lift procedure can help to remove any excess skin that you might experience after removal. As you age, you might change your mind about your implants and find yourself desiring smaller or larger breasts. Breast implant removal allows for new implants to be placed. By having your implants replaced, you also decrease your risk of complications like ruptures. Successful candidates will have realistic expectations for their results and must be prepared to undergo some downtime and recovery.

What Happens During the Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

During breast implant removal, an incision is made over the previous scar. The implant is then taken out through the incision. If capsular contracture is present, this will be corrected and new implants can be placed if you choose. A breast lift can also be performed at the same time to reposition the breasts higher on the chest and remove excess skin.

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

Can breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

Although some potential links between breast implants and autoimmune diseases have been under study, we still have much to learn about the long-term effects of breast implants. Dr. Kayastha can discuss the risks during your consultation.

Can breast implants cause cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a type of infection that can potentially occur after breast augmentation or reduction. For this reason, its important to select an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.

Can breast implants cause pain years later?

Breast implant illness has drawn much attention in the past few years and has prompted the widespread investigation of breast implants and their side effects. Dr. Kayastha can give you the best idea of what to expect with the latest information on breast implant illness.

Can breast implants get infected years later?

Infection of the breast implants becomes even rarer as time goes on. If infection does develop, the implants should be removed to allow for the infection to resolve.

Do breast implants cause health problems?

There are health risks that come with any implant surgery, and its important to know that breast implants are one of the most-studied medical devices on the market. Dr. Kayastha can discuss the risks of breast implants during your consultation.

Can breast implants last a lifetime?

Although breast implants are designed to be long-lasting implantable medical devices, they are not permanent and do not last a lifetime.

Can you get your breast implants removed?

Yes, breast implant removal may be performed due to medical complications such as capsular contracture, or simply as a result of personal preference.

How do you know if my implants are leaking?

If you have saline breast implants, leaking results in a sudden decrease in breast size in one or both breasts. For silicone implants, leaking may manifest as a distorted shape or increasingly firm feeling as scar tissue develops.

Do breast implants sag over time?

Although the implants themselves do not cause breasts to sag, breast augmentation results can start to descend due to the aging process, where skin becomes lax and the breasts begin to naturally sag.

How do I prepare for breast implant removal?

Dr. Kayastha will give you specific instructions for your breast removal procedure during your consultation with him. Usually this involves adjusting medications and fasting for a certain period of time prior to surgery.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

In the days following breast implant removal surgery, patients can expect some bruising and swelling. Prescription pain medication can be taken to minimize discomfort. You will also be given a surgical bra to wear in order to help with the healing process. You can expect to take at least a few days off work to recover at home and wait about a week to return to normal daily activity. more strenuous exercise should wait until six weeks after your procedure.



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Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon who serves Albany, NY and the entire Capital Region. Dr. Kayastha completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with distinction in all subjects. He then attended medical school at SUNY Buffalo. During his time in Buffalo he also completed a fellowship in surgical pathology at Roswell Park. Following medical school Dr. Kayastha gained a much sought after position in the Michigan State-Grand Rapids integrated plastic surgery residency. After finishing residency training Dr. Kayastha completed a one year fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. To round out his training before starting private practice Dr. Kayastha spent an additional 6 months learning from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. Kayastha is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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