Personal Consultations vs. the Internet for Plastic Surgery Information

Personal Consultations vs. the Internet for Plastic Surgery Information

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to acquire information conveniently and quickly. However, such a gold mine of information has drawbacks, too. One is the generic nature of online information. For the most part, personal consultations will always trump what the Internet says concerning cosmetic surgery.

Benefits of a Personal Consultation

Regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery or product you’re keen on, face-to-face interaction with an experienced cosmetic surgeon should be your priority. You can scour the web for hours about breast implants or chemical peels, yet there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a general overview of such procedures. Setting up an appointment for a personal consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is more effective than Internet research for the following reasons:

Treatment Plans Made for You

There are several reasons why surgery might or might not work for you. Additionally, certain medical conditions might require alternative techniques or alterations that the Internet won’t directly give you. The cosmetic surgeon can personally ask about your medical history, current medications and supplements, and cosmetic preferences to create a safe personalized plan that effectively meets your goals.

Physical Assessment

An in-person physical assessment is an important reason to consult with a plastic surgeon rather than relying on the Internet for suggestions. Physical evaluation of your body shape and various features will allow your surgeon to create a surgical plan with results specially tailored to your anatomy.

Ask Questions

When considering plastic surgery, there are a lot of questions that should be asked: possible surgical techniques, recovery time, how long the surgery takes, anesthesia, medical history, etc. It’s nearly impossible to have a dialogue with the Internet (even with new technological advancements). A consultation with a plastic surgeon will allow you to ask the questions you need with follow-up and clarification to ensure you fully understand every procedure component.

Review Before and After Photos

Some patients do not allow their images to be posted online yet are okay with the photographs being reviewed at the clinic. You can check before and after photos inside the surgeon’s office to confirm their surgical skill and visualize how different results will look on your body type.

Schedule a Consultation

Online forums and discussions may be excellent sources of general information, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction with your cosmetic surgeon. Call our office or fill out an online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kayastha, a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Albany, NY.

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Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon who serves Albany, NY and the entire Capital Region. Dr. Kayastha completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with distinction in all subjects. He then attended medical school at SUNY Buffalo. During his time in Buffalo he also completed a fellowship in surgical pathology at Roswell Park. Following medical school Dr. Kayastha gained a much sought after position in the Michigan State-Grand Rapids integrated plastic surgery residency. After finishing residency training Dr. Kayastha completed a one year fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. To round out his training before starting private practice Dr. Kayastha spent an additional 6 months learning from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. Kayastha is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.