Give Your Face the All Clear with Acleara

Give Your Face the All Clear with Acleara

Acne is an age-old bane of teenagers the world over. People spend billions of dollars on over-the-counter medications that don’t work. Then there are potentially hazardous long-term prescription medications that may make you as a parent nervous. Maybe Acleara, a new FDA-approved system offered for acne treatment at K Plastic Surgery, is the answer.

The Causes of Acne

Acne. Just the word sends dread into the soul of your teenager. There are some myths about what causes acne. it just comes down to the sebaceous (oil) glands. These glands are stimulated by male hormones from the adrenal glands during puberty in both boys and girls. While the oil normally is simply doing its job of lubricating and protecting the skin, when circumstances are right, cells close to the surface block the openings of the sebaceous glands, causing an oil buildup underneath. Bacteria, which are all over everyone’s skin and generally are no problem, become stimulated by the oil and begin to multiply. This causes surrounding tissue to become inflamed.

If that inflammation happens close to the surface the result is a pustule; if it occurs deeper it’s a papule (pimple); even deeper and it’s a cyst. If the oil breaks through to the surface, you develop a whitehead. If the oil interacts with the oxygen in the air, it can change from white to black creating a blackhead.

Acleara Goes After the Source

Acleara is a breakthrough acne treatment that clears the oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria that combine to create the inflammation that is acne. The Acleara system combines a vacuum with pulses of specially filtered light to both kill the bacteria and clear clogged pores. The Acleara system has been cleared by the FDA and can treat a wide range of acne on all skin types.

Acleara Could Work for Your Teenager

These are the conditions where Acleara could be a great alternative:

• Skin is oily and you have large pores
• Acne doesn’t respond to either over-the-counter medicines
• Acne doesn’t respond to antibiotics
• You want to avoid systemic treatments for acne, such as prescription medicines.
• Laser treatments have proven to be painful and only marginally effective.

How Long is a Session? How Many Will I Need?

Acleara treatment sessions are fast, lasting as little as 10 minutes. Your session length will depend on how large an area needs to be treated. Multiple treatments will likely be needed to achieve the results you desire.

If your teenager is suffering from acne, the Acleara system at K Plastic Surgery could be the answer. Call us at 518-346-0002 for an appointment and let’s see how we can help.