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What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a synthetic injectable filler that is effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, creases, and scars by augmenting the skin’s natural collagen supply from within. It is made up of microspheres that are suspended in a biocompatible gel that makes it convenient for administration and produces fewer side effects and allergic reactions compared to other injectables available in the market. It can be used to treat several areas of the body, including the nasolabial folds, perioral lines, lips, depressed scars, hands, and oral commissures.

Radiesse is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel. As soon as the injection is placed, it is able to create immediate volume under the skin that essentially props up the creases and folds that have formed on the skin over time. As the gel matrix of the injection is assimilated by the body, the hydroxylapatite microspheres are left behind and continue to stimulate the production of the body’s own natural collagen to sustain the initial results obtained with Radiesse. This makes it unique from other injectable fillers which only provide volume that dissolves over time.

Who is a Candidate for Radiesse Treatment?

Most patients looking to non-surgically treat wrinkles and areas of low volume can greatly benefit from Radiesse.  However, during your consultation with Dr. Kayastha, you’ll discuss your medical history and any reactions you may have to the components of this injectable. You should not receive it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, since it’s unknown what effects this can have. Radiesse can be combined with other non-surgical skin treatments in order to augment your results.

Radiesse FAQs

How long does Radiesse last?

Radiesse can last about 15 months, although many patients benefit from touch-up treatments every 7 months.

Does Radiesse look natural?

This depends largely on the skill of your injector, but many patients enjoy natural, plump, rejuvenated results with Radiesse.

How soon do you see results with Radiesse?

Radiesse results can be seen as soon as 1-3 days after injection, with noticeable results within 1 week.

Does Radiesse improve over time?

Radiesse is designed to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen over time, leading to continued improvement for up to 1 year.

How long does swelling last after Radiesse?

You can expect minor swelling and redness for 1-2 days after treatment.

Can I exercise after Radiesse injections?

It is best to wait at least 24 hours after your Radiesse injections before exercising. Strenuous activity can increase your risk of bruising after receiving injections.

Does Radiesse have hyaluronic acid?

No, Radiesse contains calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres rather than hyaluronic acid. This ingredient stimulates natural collagen production.

Can I wear makeup after Radiesse?

Dr. Kayastha may advise you to avoid applying makeup for a brief period after your injections. This helps to prevent infection as your skin heals.

Does Radiesse last longer than Juvederm?

Radiesse typically lasts longer than Juvederm. On average, Radiesse lasts about two years, while Juvederm lasts one.

Can you lay down after Radiesse?

It is best to keep your head elevated and to avoid sleeping on your side or stomach for the first 24 hours after your Radiesse injections.

Does Radiesse soften?

You may see some firmness in the face for up to two weeks after Radiesse injections. The area will soften and settle gradually.

Can you take ibuprofen after Radiesse?

You can take ibuprofen after your Radiesse injections if you feel any discomfort after the procedure.

How do you get rid of Radiesse lumps?

In some cases, you may see small lumps or bumps immediately after your Radiesse injections. These will gradually settle over time without intervention.

How many syringes of Radiesse do I need for under eye?

The under-eye area typically requires about two to four syringes of Radiesse to achieve goal results.

Is Radiesse good for Cheeks?

Radiesse is a good option for cheek filler.

What Happens During Radiesse Treatment?

Your injector will administer local anesthesia prior to the Radiesse injections to minimize your discomfort during the procedure (Radiesse also contains lidocaine for greater comfort during the injection process, which is a common anesthetic). Then, the necessary amounts of Radiesse will be injected into the affected areas. This treatment can take around a half hour, depending on how many areas you choose to have treated.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

After the procedure, patients will normally experience some swelling and bruising at the site of injection, but these should disappear within a few days. You’ll most likely notice results immediately after your treatment session, and the younger-looking effects obtained with this injection can last for several months or years and can be repeated as needed.

To see what options are available to you with Radiesse, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kayastha who can create your unique treatment plan.

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Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon who serves Albany, NY and the entire Capital Region. Dr. Kayastha completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with distinction in all subjects. He then attended medical school at SUNY Buffalo. During his time in Buffalo he also completed a fellowship in surgical pathology at Roswell Park. Following medical school Dr. Kayastha gained a much sought after position in the Michigan State-Grand Rapids integrated plastic surgery residency. After finishing residency training Dr. Kayastha completed a one year fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco. To round out his training before starting private practice Dr. Kayastha spent an additional 6 months learning from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. Kayastha is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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