What Should Be In Your Tummy Tuck Healing Kit?

What Should Be In Your Tummy Tuck Healing Kit?

Recovery from a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is safe and relatively straightforward. If you’re thinking of having the body contouring procedure soon, putting together a post-surgery healing kit should be one of your priorities. Aside from speeding your recovery, the healing kit can also significantly reduce discomfort following a tummy tuck.

What should be the contents of your tummy tuck healing kit?

Compression garments

Bruising and swelling occur simultaneously after tummy tuck surgery. Although both will subside in a week or so following surgery, compression garments significantly reduce your discomfort. Although most compression garments can be reused, it may be best to have a spare just in case no one is around to assist you with laundry.

Silicone gel sheetings

Scarring is always a possibility following any type of surgery and a tummy tuck is no exception. Although the extent and degree of scarring is influenced by a combination of factors such as age, skin tone, and lifestyle habits, using silicone gel sheetings with compression garments can greatly reduce scarring by smoothing out the skin on the incision site.

Prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements

You will receive pain and antibiotic prescriptions for your recovery. Healthy eating, along with vitamins and supplements should be a part of your plan, too. Arnica montana supplements may be used to help with bruising and swelling.

The aforementioned are just the essentials of a healing kit; patients may choose to add other items (such as relaxation aids) depending on individual needs and the type of tummy tuck that was performed.

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