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Who Wants Plastic Surgery?

Who Wants Plastic Surgery?

In the past there was a very clear demographic which desired plastic surgery — aging, wealthy, white females were the top clients that doctors saw for elective procedures. While this demographic is still the number group that seeks out plastic surgery, men and other races are starting to opt for plastic surgery. Improvements in how procedures are performed and the pressure from society to achieve perfection with our bodies are driving these changes.

Demographics and Surgical Interests Change

Ethnic groups still make up a small portion of the plastic surgery population, but the interest from these groups is expected to keep increasing. The same goes for men. Doctors are excited for the new challenges that these groups present because they are requesting procedures that are quite different from those that have been the most popular in the past.

Men often complain that they need to look younger in order to remain competitive in the workplace. Lifts, hair replacement, and similar procedures are some of the most common requested by this group. Ethnic groups, however, pose an even more interesting challenge. The procedures requested vary greatly based on the standards of beauty that these different cultures hold. For example, Hispanic clients may want help accentuating curves that a white client might normally try to remove or hide. This differentiation is forcing plastic surgeons to expand their offerings to meet this demand, creating a more niche environment that they can use to cater to the local population.