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This Upcoming Holiday Season, Throw a Party No One Will Forget

This Upcoming Holiday Season, Throw a Party No One Will Forget

Another year has passed and you and your loved ones continue to see the years fade from your face as you ponder over pictures from the past. It is time to dust off your eyebrows and gather up your favorite people and have yourself a merry Botox party.

Giving the gift of youth is just what you and your friends need to take on another year of fun and adventure. Holiday Botox allows the upper portions of the face smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and frowns. As a result, skin is smoother and softer for results that last long well into the new year.

The more that the muscles in the face are stretched and contorted is the longer the appearance of wrinkles and lines continue to dwell between the brow, forehead and around the eyes. Botox can address these fixated areas and rejuvenate your face for a fresh look.

Plan Accordingly

Decide how many people will attend and contact your plastic surgeon’s office early to schedule your event. They need to plan for you too, so waiting too long to book them will put your party on hold.

Think of your loved ones who could really use a youthful lift and would be up to the task of enhancing their features cosmetically.

How Much Botox Will the Party Need?

Every person’s face is different. Each face has 43 different muscles that responds to Botox, and depending on the areas that are off balance the surgeon will determine which muscles need attention. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of injections a patient needs depends on the individual’s facial features and extent of their wrinkles. No anesthesia is required, so the procedure will be quick and without the need for recovery time.

Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Smooth Skin

Generally there are one to three injections per muscle, and beginners may not need very much treatment. Smoother and tighter skin becomes visible within the first few hours in many patients. The effects will take about a week after treatment to reach maximum results, which can last up to a full year after injection.

You and your friends can celebrate your refreshed appearance as you bring in the new year together. A Botox party is quick, pain-free and the most effective treatment to diminish wrinkles. This holiday season build a memory that will last a lifetime.