The Skinny on Liposuction

The Skinny on Liposuction

One of the most common questions I get is “am I a good candidate for liposuction?” The answer is not always so clear cut, but there are some common characteristics of patients seeking liposuction that make them ideal candidates for the procedure. These include the following:

Health Factors Supporting Liposuction

  1. Being in good overall health with no major medical problems;
  2. Being close to your ideal body weight with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30;
  3. Having reasonable expectations of what can be achieved; and
  4. Having good skin quality in the area to be liposuctioned.

If you meet these criteria, then you would be considered an ideal candidate for liposuction. For those with “in-between,” skin quality that is not great (but also not horrible!) liposuction may still be an option. Those patients may want to choose Smartlipo laser liposuction because it can help the skin to contract following liposuction more than occurs with traditional liposuction alone.

I hope this helps. The best way to know for sure is to schedule a free consultation.