The Surest Way to Nip Cellulite in the Butt

The Surest Way to Nip Cellulite in the Butt

There is no doubt that the butt has taken the center stage over the past year — from Kim Kardashian’s derriere images on Instagram to Beyonce’s emphasis of her sexy behind during live performances.

Apart from issues on the size and shape of their backsides, women are also concerned with the appearance of cellulite on their butt. The dimpled look of cellulite can even plague women who are slim and fit.

Is there a treatment that actually works on cellulite?


When a healthy diet and countless squats do not seem to eliminate puckered and dimpled thighs, a minimally invasive procedure referred to as Cellulaze could be the solution you’re looking for. The procedure typically begins with an injection of local anesthesia. Laser energy is then delivered to the target area in your buttocks through a thin cannula. The laser energy “nips” the fibrous bands in the skin that are responsible for the dimpling. Skin is heated from the inside out, which in turn encourages the body to produce two naturally occurring substances responsible for skin renewal, collagen and elastin.

Aside from being a solution that truly works, the minimal downtime of Cellulaze can make it possible for patients to go back to work as soon as the next day. Plus, all it takes is one treatment session to achieve desired outcomes!

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