How’s That Dragon Tattoo Going to Look in 15 Years?

How’s That Dragon Tattoo Going to Look in 15 Years?

Tattoos. What used to be the sole domain of sailors has become somewhat mainstream. Your waitress has a tattooed scene running from her shoulder blade down to her elbow. Your softball teammate has calves that depict the Angel of Death.

Every tattoo has a story behind it. Some of those stories may be a little cloudy due to the late hour or the number of cocktails beforehand. But, unfortunately, most of these stories aren’t fast-forwarded 20 years when the skin is loose and saggy.

And most don’t take into account changing circumstances. The name of that old flame? Not so welcome now by your husband or wife. That image of a phoenix rising from the ashes. It seemed like a good idea then, but not so appreciated by your new employer.

There used to be only three ways to get rid of a tattoo: surgery to remove the skin, acid bleaching, and dermabrasion (basically sandblasting of your skin).

Now, Dr. Kayastha can remove tattoos with the AlexTriVantage laser. This laser can selectively treat tattoos and pigmented lesions while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. The AlexTriVantage laser can target the various colors that often require multiple lasers with other doctors.

How Many Tattoo Removal Treatments Are Necessary?

Tattoo removal usually takes six laser treatments, one per month. If your tattoo is more elaborate, with multiple colors or resistant colors, you may need more treatments.

Does it Hurt to Have Your Tattoos Removed?

The procedure has a little discomfort, but not much. We apply an anesthetic cream to the location before beginning the laser treatment. After each treatment, you will have three to four days of sensitivity at the site. You’ll also need to apply an over-the-counter antibiotic to the site and keep it covered.

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