Breast Implants vs. Breast Lift – Choose the Right Procedure for You.

Breast Implants vs. Breast Lift – Choose the Right Procedure for You.

Are you unhappy with the size, shape, or look of your breasts? What do you do in this instance? Well, Dr. Kayastha offers multiple breast procedures at K Plastic Surgery. His techniques strive to help patients achieve their desired look. Some people wish to address small or unshapely breasts while others have sagging breasts that they would like lifted. What is the right procedure to tackle your specific concerns?

Two of the most popular breast procedures at K Plastic Surgery are breast augmentation and breast lift. These can be performed independently or together depending on the exact needs of the patient. Ultimately, an in-person consultation with Dr. Kayastha is the best way to determine which procedure aligns with your goals. We have laid out the basics of these procedures so that you can start to think about which one may be right for you.

Breast Augmentation

If your concerns are mainly about the size of your breasts, then augmentation is required. Breast augmentation uses implants to make the breasts bigger and shapelier. When thinking about breast augmentation there are four major areas to consider such as placement of the incision, implant size/shape, type of implant, and associated risks.

Incision Placement

The three most common incisions used in breast augmentation are the inframammary, trans-axillary, and the periareolar. The inframammary incision is made under the fold of the breast. The trans-axillary is in the armpit. And the periareolar is around the nipple. Each technique has various advantages and disadvantages. The inframammary incision is very popular as it provides optimal access to the breast tissue as well as hides the scarring from the procedure.

Implant Size and Shape

There are multiple options when it comes to implant size and shape. When choosing the implants consider your body shape, lifestyle, and goals. Dr. Kayastha can show you before and afters of breast augmentation patients who have similar body shapes and goals to help make your decision a bit easier. Dr. Kayastha has years of experience with breast augmentation patients and will help to make good recommendations for you.

Implant Type

There are two main types of breast implants. These are silicone and saline. Silicone implants require a larger incision and are a more involved surgical procedure, but they tend to feel more like natural breast tissue. Saline implants are great for patients who already have ample breast tissue. It uses a smaller incision as it can be filled after being inserted. Both implant types can last for many years and are FDA approved. Dr. Kayastha will help to make the right recommendation for you based on your goals and lifestyle.

Breast Lift

Patients seek out breast lift when they have sagging breasts. As we age, loss of breast volume leads to drooping. This is especially evident in older women or women who have had children. Breast lifts help to correct the drooping by reshaping the breasts.

There are many types of breast lifts such as periareolar, vertical breast, and inverted T-incisions. The periareolar method is ideal for patients who have large areolas and minimal breast drooping. The vertical breast incision follows the same path as the areolar but extends downward, allowing for correction of more severe sagging. The inverted-T incision is a common approach and follows the same path as the vertical breast reduction but includes an incision in the breast fold.

Dr. Kayastha will choose the technique based on your breast volume, degree of sagging, and personal goals.

Which is Better?

Each of these breast procedures offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The breast augmentation focuses on the size of breasts but not sagging. While the breast lift focuses primarily on the breast position and will not increase the size of your breasts. Often, these two procedures are done in combination with one another for a patient who would like to be higher and lifter. Dr. Kayastha performs these procedures together to strive to achieve his patient’s desires.

Making the decision to alter the look of your breasts is very personal. During a consultation with Dr. Kayastha at K Plastic Surgery, he will go over each procedure in detail with you, listen to your goals and concerns, and help you to feel comfortable with whatever procedure you choose.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering changing your breasts but don’t know where to get started, meet with Dr. Kayastha for an in-person consultation. The breast augmentation and breast lift achieve different results, depending on your specific goals and concerns, one may be better suited than the other. To schedule a consultation, call K Plastic Surgery or fill out an online form.

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