Breast Enhancement and Relationships

Breast Enhancement and Relationships

Oftentimes patients visiting our practice inquire as to the satisfaction rate for other women who have had breast enhancement. Informed and savvy women need to know not only about the procedure, costs, and aftercare, they want to be educated about the overall impact that breast implants or a breast lift will have overall in their daily lives; from when they look at themselves in the mirror every morning, to how they are perceived in public, to effects on dating and relationships.

While there is a number of benefits to having breast augmentation such as increased confidence, better body image, and self-esteem, there is also a spillover effect in how it affects the relationships that women have with their partners. Sometimes the overall outcome is not only a more well proportioned and aesthetically pleasing body, but better and more satisfying relationships.

To better illustrate this point, we have posted the following infographic. Dr. Kayastha is a frequent contributor to in which he answers a variety of questions relating to plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

View the graphic below to learn more about the positive effects breast enhancement has made a in the lives and relationships of women.

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