Body Type & Cup Size: Proportion Is Key

Body Type & Cup Size: Proportion Is Key

It is safer than ever to get a breast augmentation. Thousands of women made the choice to go under the knife and achieve the breast size that they have been searching for. Now it is your turn. You chose a surgeon that you are comfortable with, but now you need to choose a breast implant size that your body will be comfortable with. When it comes down to it, there is not a right or wrong answer for the perfect size implant for every woman. The solution comes after a discussion of goals, objective body measure and choosing a size that is proportional to the body.

Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon serving Albany, he discusses with his patients the need to choose an implant size that fits naturally with the body during your breast augmentation consultation. Breast implants come in various different sizes, in a breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Kayastha helps his patients discover their ideal breast implant size. To help make the best decision he considers the patient’s body proportions, current breast size and shape, and the final look desired by the patient.

According to a report for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, implants that are too large can leave a patient looking proportionally disfigured. Although women are opting to go for a larger implants these days, they may not always bring the best results. In determining implant size, current body and breast, shape and size, are the key elements in determining an appropriate size selection. Dr. Kayastha is here to help combine your dream with the safest procedure possible to achieve your desired results with minimal complications.

How do I know what size is best?

With the different types, sizes, shapes and forms of breast implants, it can often be overwhelming deciding which implant is right for you. Look at before and after pictures other women that have the same body type and compare their breast size. Bringing pictures of women with similar body types can help you show Dr. Kayastha the type of results you are looking for.

Dr. Kayastha will recommend the best breast implant diameter and then he will determine the volume by choosing the appropriate profile for the patient. Low profile implants are flatter than high profile implants, and the higher the volume desired the higher the profile. This is vital in deciding implant size, because if the implants are too wide they will hang over the sides bumping into your arm. If the implants are too narrow they will leave space in between the breasts. Implant size that is just right will fill the entire base width and fill the cup of the bra naturally.

Dr. Kayastha believes that the most attractive results are achieved when the patient and surgeon evaluate body proportions before choosing the implant size. Implants that are too big or too small will make the rest of the patient’s features look unnatural. Careful consideration of height, weight, rib cage, posture and many more features will be evaluated to find a suitable size that matches all of the patient’s proportions.

The final decision on breast implant size relies solely on the patient, but it is important to consider all of the recommendations provided by Dr. Kayastha. He helps his patients achieve the looks desired and makes the breast augmentation experience comfortable and easy. Body proportion is key to deciding the best implant size. Dream big, just not too big. Find the right look for your body and achieve the shape you longed for.