Bid Unwanted Hair Adieu

Bid Unwanted Hair Adieu

Unwanted hair is a pain. You shave, you pluck, you wax, and you employ harsh creams all in name of getting rid of those pesky hairs.

And, worst of all, you get to do it all over again in a week or two.

It can make you feel like Sisyphus, the Greek king who cheated death and was consigned to pushing a boulder up a mountain every day, only to watch it roll back down at night, so that he could do it again the next day. For eternity.

Don’t be like Sisyphus, get rid of your hair permanently with our lasers at K Plastic Surgery.

Our Hair Removal Lasers

At K Plastic Surgery, we use state-of-the-art Cynosure Elite MPX laser technology to get rid of your unwanted hair. This laser allows customization and is effective and comfortable for all skin types. Plus, Our cooling handpiece is the best in the business.

The Cynosure Elite MPX system is the newest in the industry. Its adjustability gives us the most comprehensive range of hair removal applications available today.

How Does Hair Removal Laser Technology Work?

The handpiece is moved over the area with unwanted hair. The Elite Laser sends rapid pulses of light down into the skin, targeting the hair follicles. Those follicles absorb the light energy in the form of heat and the heat damages the follicle stopping its ability to grow hair.

Removal usually takes approximately four to eight treatments, depending on the color of the hair and skin. Other factors are hormone levels, hair follicle size, and the hair cycle (hair is continually going through different parts of the growth cycle).

Get rid of those razors and Agent Orange-like creams and say goodbye to unwanted hair permanently at K Plastic Surgery. Call us at 518-346-0002 and let’s discuss laser hair removal.