Beating Winter Blues with 5 Tips to Better Skin

Beating Winter Blues with 5 Tips to Better Skin

Most of us loathe this time of year. Our workload is heavier, holiday shoppers are wilder than ever and our skin takes a beating with chilling seasonal changes. No thanks to our deterioration of oil glands and hormones, our aging bodies cannot help but show the effects while dealing with the blistering cold. When the weather changes everyone has to change their daily skin care regimen in order to promote better skin and maintaining a healthier appearance all year long.

Staying indoors all day long to avoid the chill can also be as harmful as going out, so not matter what our skin needs protection for every situation. Here are a few helpful tips to give your face the best treatment possible throughout your winter beauty routine.

Exfoliate for a Cleaner Complexion

At the end of the year, our skin carries all the weight of dead skin cells, rough patches, fine lines and sun damage, now is the time to transform your face into a flawless canvas with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment used to remove the thick and uneven outer layer of skin.

The procedure utilizes a diamond-tipped instrument to gently exfoliate a client’s face. Similar to the instrument of a sandblaster, microparticles sand off the skin’s epidermis and stimulates collagen production. Dr. Kayastha will determine how well your skin reacts to treatment depending the person’s skin sensitivity levels.

Use Moisturizers

An oil-based product will create a protective layer of skin. Moisture prevents skin from cracking and drying out in the cold weather. Lotions and creams based with glycerine, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins E, C or A help reduce dry skin and wrinkles.

Humidify Your Home

Since you are going to be avoiding the outdoors for the next few months, give your skin the air it needs. The lack of moisture in cold, dry air while outdoors will not produce respectable results. While indoors it is best to reinfuse the air in your home that evaporates during winter with a humidifier. Set your machine to 30 to 50 percent humidity and use it in rooms you will be in most often.

Shorten or Cool Your Shower Useage

We all love the feeling of a warm shower at the end of a cold day, but the warm soothing bath is harmful to our outer layers which strips skin slowly. It is best to keep your showers and baths lukewarm or cooler than you normally would to avoid stripping your skin.

If you are a warm shower enthusiast, then limit your usage to only 10 minutes. No more than one warm shower or bath per day.

Hydrate from Inside and Out

As much as we need to cleanse our face, we should also feed it to keep it hydrated. Staying hydrated should be a given, but many of us forget the basic staples to keep our skin youthful. According to WebMD, proper hydration keeps your skin protected. Dehydration will make skin look dry, but drinking at least eight glasses of water a day keeps dryness away.

As the weather shows us its cold and dark side we can fight our battles for better skin by following this guide for a healthier glow and radiant skin. Learn more with our skin care experts at Dr. Kayastha’s office in Albany. Microdermabrasion can remove skin damage and you can strengthen your skin canvas with locking in moisture, humidifying your home, taking shorter showers and staying hydrated all winter long.