3 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on a Mommy Makeover

3 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth will change your life, obviously. However, at K Plastic Surgery we also understand that the physical changes brought on by becoming a mother may not be quite as desirable as the profound joy following the birth of a son or daughter. From deflated breasts to muffin tops to love handles, new mothers have their own set of problem areas after childbirth, which can make them long for their pre-baby body. The good news is that a Mommy Makeover can help you deal with such problems.

The Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a collective term for plastic surgery procedures done together to help improve body contours following pregnancy and childbirth. These procedures vary depending on the person, but primarily consist of breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Non-invasive procedures such Botox or dermal filler injections and laser procedures may be included, as well.

When deciding about a Mommy Makeover, it is important that you also ask yourself if you’re actually ready to have the procedure. Here are the three most important questions to ask yourself while making your decision:

1. Are you done having children? It is best to wait until you are finished having children. Giving birth again after a tummy tuck may re-separate the abdominal muscles that will have been tightened during the procedure.

2. Are you within or near your ideal weight? In addition to being at your ideal weight, you should have maintained it for six months or so.

3. Are you done breastfeeding? The enlarged ducts and increased blood vessel activity during breastfeeding may increase your chances of bleeding and infection after surgery.

Your Personalized Mommy Makeover Plan by Dr. Kayastha

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