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What is Microblading/Microshading?

Microblading or microshading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that fills in the eyebrows to create more balance in facial form and proportion. The technique uses a semi-permanent pigment that is implanted under the skin using a very fine needle. This technique is considered semi-permanent meaning it will gradually fade. Microblading is the art of drawing very fine strokes that mimic hair. Microshading is sometimes referred to as Powder Ombre and is a soft effect that mimics eyebrow powder.

Who is a Candidate for Microblading/Microshading?

Patients that are unhappy with the shape or sparseness of their eyebrows can benefit from either technique which can shape and thicken the natural appearance of the eyebrow in the long-term.

What Happens During Microblading?

A thorough consultation with our specialists will determine your desired brow shape and color are. A topical numbing cream will then be applied to your brows. Most patients report minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. After this is administered and the skin is prepared, the aesthetician will begin to apply the pigment under the skin using a very fine disposable needle.  This can be tedious and require an artistic eye and extensive knowledge of your unique facial harmony, so the process can take an hour or more, depending on your intended results. You should always receive microblading/Microshading treatments from a trained and experienced aesthetician in order to get the best results.

Microblading/Microshading FAQs

How long does it take to heal from Microshading?

It can take between one and two weeks for your skin to heal and the pigment to fade into its final appearance after microshading.

When can you wash your face after Microshading?

It’s important to keep water, lotion, or soap from touching your brows for the first 7 days after treatment. Your aesthetician can recommend ways to cleanse your skin and avoid water while bathing during this time.

Does Microshading look natural?

Your microshading results are largely dependent on the skill and experience of your aesthetician. With the right technique, microshading can look very natural and flattering.

How do you remove Microshading eyebrows?

There are a few ways to fade microshading at home, but they can be dangerous. If you’re unhappy with your results and looking for ways to fade them, make sure to meet with your aesthetician.

Is Microshading the same as ombre?

Yes - it uses a different technique than microblading, which is a form of tattooing. Your brow technician can help you determine the right option for you during your consultation.

Is Microshading better than microblading?

Microshading can be better for patients who have sensitive or oily skin. One option may be better for you than the other, and our team can help you decide during your consultation.

How long does it take for microblading to settle?

It can take up to one month for your skin to adjust and for the pigmentation to settle after microblading.

Can I put Vaseline on my eyebrows after microblading?

Although this may seem like a good way to help the skin heal, Vaseline or other petroleum jelly products can impact the pigment and cause it to blur. Avoid using Vaseline until the pigment has settled.

What helps microblading heal faster?

Keeping your brows dry and free of oil can help the pigmentation retain its position and prevent bleeding. If you have oily skin, make sure to use blotting pads regularly to keep the area free of oil.

Why are brows so dark after microblading?

After your microblading session, it’s normal to have some irritation which contributes to the look of darker brows. As this subsides, the pigment will settle into its intended shade.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Aftercare of your microblading treatment is highly important and similar to traditional tattoo recovery. The most important step is to avoid exposing your eyebrows to moisture, which can reduce pigment by removing or loosening the scab that will form over it. Most patients experience redness and itchiness, and your aesthetician may recommend using a protectant like Aquaphor to ease any symptoms. It’s important to note that your results will look darker than normal during the initial recovery period before fading into their intended color. You should avoid using any other products like makeup, as this can affect your recovery. Your tattooed area is essentially an open wound during this time, so it’s important to take the appropriate steps.

Most patients come back a few weeks after their initial session for a touch-up, and this can continue up to once or twice per year, depending on your results. Depending on care steps and lifestyle, microblading results can last up to three years.

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