Precision TX Knifeless Facelift

in Albany, NY

What is the Precision TX Knifeless Facelift?

Dr. Kayastha is proud to offer the Precision TX™, Knifeless Facelift. This is a, small, side-firing laser developed by Cynosure, the makers of the immensely popular SmartLipo™ and Cellulaze™. This newest laser has the advantage of being more efficient, direct, and precise in the heating of the tissues than previous laser technology, leading to more predictable, reliable results and unprecedented safety through real-time temperature control using Thermaguide™.

Who is a Candidate for Precision TX Knifeless Facelift?

Precision TX (also featured on The Doctors as the Knifeless Facelift) is a procedure that is an excellent choice for patients who aren’t ready for a traditional face/neck lift. The best candidates have mild to moderate fatty tissue and loose skin in the lower face, jowls, and neck. Severely loose skin is still best treated by traditional face/neck lift techniques. Precision TX offers a less invasive solution to the facelift and is beneficial to patients who are not ready for surgery with downtime and scarring. Patients can opt for the knifeless facelift and still achieve effective facial tissue tightening for a younger, rejuvenated appearance.

What Happens During the Precision TX Knifeless Facelift?

The Precision TX facelift uses laser technology to tighten the facial tissue. The laser is administered using thin laser fibers inserted directly under the skin through the three tiny punctures. The laser is then administered directly to the dermis, heating the tissue from within. This causes the dermis and epidermis to naturally tighten, resulting in a reduction in loose skin over time. This is performed in office with the use of local anesthesia of sedation. The procedure is completed in one hour or less.

What will my Recovery be Like?

After a facelift with precision TX, patients can expect one to two weeks of swelling and bruising. Patients should rest during this time and limit physical activity. Over the next few months, facial tissue will continue to tighten with final results becoming noticeable after three to six months. Patients can expect results that are long lasting with no scarring.

To learn more about facelift techniques and find out if you could benefit from Precision TX, contact our office today! We can provide you with more information and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kayastha.

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