Tummy Tuck

in Albany, NY

Recovery: 1 week and 2 weeks

Cost: $8,000-$10,500

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, general aging, and even genetics can all result in a midsection that isn’t as slim and contoured as you might wish. No matter how much you exercise and try to control your weight, you might still struggle to improve your contour.

This is because no amount of exercise can return sagging skin that lacks its former elasticity to its former state. Plus, stubborn pockets of fat, especially in the abdominal area, can be almost impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, can correct these problems and give you a slimmer, firmer abdomen once again. The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that can tighten the underlying tissue and muscles and remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal region.

What can a tummy tuck do for me?

  • My abdominal area is stretched from pregnancy/weight loss
  • I have tried diet and exercise and still struggle with my abdominal contour

Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

If you are at or near your ideal body weight, but still have sagging skin and pockets of fat around your abdomen, a tummy tuck could be a good option for you. The surgery removes that excess skin and tightens the underlying muscles to return firmness and contour to your abdomen. A tummy tuck isn’t a weight loss procedure. A tummy tuck is meant to remove excess skin caused by large weight changes, such as those due to pregnancy. These changes stretch the skin and it often won’t return to its former tightness. Those opting for a tummy tuck with Dr. Kayastha should ideally be within 10 percent of their ideal body weight. Also, if you’re planning on getting pregnant, a tummy tuck should be postponed until after you have the child. During your surgery, your vertical muscles are tightened, and future pregnancies usually will separate those muscles, ruining the results of your surgery.

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Tummy Tuck FAQs

This is a common question I get asked that depends on your specific body. I have some patients that are very thin and have loose skin but not much fat. These patients don’t lose much weight but see an incredible difference in the firmness and contour of their body. I also take care of patients that have had massive weight loss. These patients can have greater than 15 pounds of skin and fat removed during a tummy tuck. Average patients who are height and weight proportionate will not have that much weight removed.

It is possible to place a tummy tuck scar so that it is hidden when you are wearing a bikini. This will depend on your anatomy and how much tightening you require. The best thing that you can do is to bring the undergarments and/or bikinis with you to your consultation, so you will be able to see if you can reasonably expect the scar to be covered.

You will not feel any discomfort during your tummy tuck procedure process with the use of general anesthesia or sedation. After your tummy tuck procedure, you can expect some degree of discomfort that can be managed with prescription pain medication or over-the-counter pain reliever. Dr. Kayastha also uses On-Q pain pumps to minimize your post operative discomfort. Getting plenty of rest of using an ice pack can help maximize your comfort during your tummy tuck recovery.

Many patients develop redundant abdominal tissue and weakened muscles following pregnancy. A tummy tuck can remove excess fat and skin that is resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with a tummy tuck to improve the shape of your waist. You need a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and fat and to tighten the muscles.
Your first step when deciding to have a tummy tuck is a consultation with Dr. Kayastha. Together, you will discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure. Contact K Plastic Surgery today to schedule your tummy tuck consultation.

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PatientsDr. Kayastha

Dr. Kayastha and his entire staff were very kind and professional from start to finish. He has exceptional attention to detail and really goes above beyond to ensure that his patients are comfortable and well informed throughout the entire process. His work speaks for itself, and I could not be happier with the results.

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