Earlobe Repair Surgery in Albany, NY

Over time earlobes tend to naturally elongate. That fact coupled with the use of heavy earrings can lead to a stretched appearance. Others get their earrings inadvertently pulled and they suffer a torn earlobe. Other incidents may cause a torn earlobe as well, and in any case the result is unsightly and uncomfortable.

Whether your earlobes are stretched naturally, gauged or torn, Dr. Kayastha can repair these stretched and torn earlobe conditions in the office using minor, in-office surgery with local anesthesia, resulting in a natural appearing earlobe.

Gauge Piercing Earlobe Repair

Some people choose to have their earlobes dilated by progressively gauging them, a trend which has become more popular in recent years. Also increasing in popularity is the correction of the stretched earlobe condition created by gauging the earlobes. Dr. Kayastha will also repair these extended earlobes in the same manner as he would for stretching due to heavy earrings, although the gauged earlobes may initially appear in a more extreme condition.

Earlobe Repair Surgery Costs

Torn Earlobes: $350-$700
Gauged Earlobes: $750-$2,000

To learn more about Torn or Stretched Earlobe Repair, please contact Dr. Kayastha at 518-346-0002 or send his office an email today.

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