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What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that is done to raise the eyebrows and reduce ridges and furrows on the forehead. This creates a smoother, more youthful and rested appearance. This procedure is typically done in conjunction with other facial surgeries, like facelift or eyelid surgery. It can also be performed alone.

Who Is A Candidate For Brow Lift?

Candidates for the brow lift are those who experience signs of aging of the forehead with drooping eyebrows and excess tissue in the eye area. Patients who are already undergoing another procedure like the facelift or eyelid surgery can benefit from adding the brow lift for full facial rejuvenation. Successful candidates must be prepared for the recovery and downtime required for this procedure. The results of this procedure are long-lasting.

What Happens During The Brow Lift?

The originally described brow lift involved an incision in the hairline extending from one ear to the other. More typically today, it is performed using a camera through 3-5 smaller incisions in the scalp. Specialized instruments are used to elevate the skin and muscles of the forehead and re-suspend them to a more youthful position. A brow lift is done under general anesthesia and takes 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Brow Lift FAQs

Does endoscopic brow lift raise hairline?

An endoscopic brow lift carries a few risks, including causing mild hair loss near the incision sites, but does not guarantee the hair line will be affected.

Does a brow lift get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Yes. By restructuring and lifting the muscles of the forehead, a brow lift can reduce or even eliminate forehead wrinkles.

Does insurance pay for brow lift?

As an elective cosmetic procedure, most insurance plans will not cover the costs of a brow lift.

Does a facelift include a brow lift?

By itself, a facelift is focused on lifting and tightening the lower face. However, a brow lift can be performed at the same time as a facelift for long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

How can I lift my eyebrows?

If youre unsatisfied with sagging eyebrows, a brow lift may be right for you. This procedure lifts skin and restructures muscle to give your forehead, eyebrows, and eyes a more youthful, alert look.

Does brow lift change eye shape?

If your appearance is affected by a drooping brow that covers your eyes, a brow lift may help give you a more alert appearance. However, a brow lift will not change the shape of your eyes, nor address excess skin or fat deposits around your eyes.

How do I know if I need a brow lift?

Good candidates for brow lift surgery are those who are concerned that they have a persistent frown expression or severe wrinkles in the forehead area.

How long do brow lifts last?

Although plastic surgery procedures such as a brow lift can have excellent results, they do not stop the progress of aging. Most patients find theyre satisfied with their appearance for several years following recovery from brow lift surgery.

How long does numbness last after brow lift?

Side effects from brow lift surgery, including numbness, usually dissipate within one to two weeks after the procedure.

Is eyebrow lift dangerous?

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha, an eyebrow lift is a safe and effective way to enhance the appearance of the forehead.

How much does a brow lift cost?

At K Plastic Surgery, a brow lift can cost between $7,500 and $9,000 before doctors fees, anesthesia fees, and other associated costs of surgery. Patients can save on facial rejuvenation procedures by having multiple surgeries performed at the same time.

Is a brow lift permanent?

Although no plastic surgery can stop the aging process in its tracks, a brow lift is a highly effective way to turn back the clock on an aging, drooping brow and forehead.

How long does a brow lift last?

The length of time a brow lift is able to help the face appear more youthful varies considerably by patient, depending on the age, amount of correction provided, and surgical technique. Many patients enjoy brow lift results for a decade or more.

Can a brow lift be done under local anesthesia?

Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha performs brow lifts under general anesthesia for assured patient comfort.

Is eyebrow lift surgery painful?

Because a brow lift at K Plastic Surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the surgery. Pain and discomfort during the recovery process is also minimal, usually requiring only over-the-counter pain relievers.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

After the brow lift procedure, patients can expect some discomfort, facial swelling, and bruising for the first few weeks of recovery. The upper eyelids can also become bruised and swollen for 1-2 weeks following surgery. Patients can expect to take a week off work or longer if the procedure was combined with a facelift. Patients should avoid overly strenuous activity and exercise for several weeks after their procedure.

Once swelling and bruising have diminished, patients can experience results that are long-lasting for a younger, refreshed appearance. A brow lift is typically a one-time procedure, and patients might opt for future treatments like Botox or fillers to address future signs of aging.

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