The Methods for Breast Augmentation

The Methods for Breast Augmentation

The decision to have breast augmentation is a life-changing one. For better or worse, for many women, their self-image is directly tied to their breasts. If they’ve felt their breasts are too small for their body, or asymmetrical, breast augmentation can change more than just their figure, it can change their life.

Beyond the big decision, there are other decisions such as implant type and size that you’ll need to make. One of the big decisions is the method that your implants with be placed.

Here are the five methods of breast augmentation with Dr. Kayastha.

1. Inframammary

In this method, the implants are inserted through a small incision in the fold underneath the breast. Scarring with this method is usually well hidden by the breast crease. This method doesn’t usually affect the ability to breastfeed, as the incision is far from the breast gland.

2. Peri-Areolar

Here the incision is made along the lower edge of the areola, usually running from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock. The scar usually heals very well and is hidden by the natural edge of the areola. Since this approach requires cutting through the breast gland there is a risk of altered nipple sensation and impaired breastfeeding.

3. Transaxillary

The incision is made in the vertical crease of the armpit and the implant is inserted usually beneath the pectoral muscle. Because access comes through the armpit, there is no scarring on the breast.

4. Transumbilical (TUBA)

In this method, the incision is made through your belly button. Only saline implants can be placed using this method, and they must be placed above the pectoral muscle. There is no scarring on the breasts, but the implant can be damaged during the procedure.

5. Over or under the muscle?

When the implant is placed beneath the breast tissue, but atop the pectoral muscle, it is known as subglandular placement. If the implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle it is known as submuscular. Within the different methods, you usually have the option of choosing if you want the placement to be subglandular or submuscular.

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