Quick Guide to Reducing Scarring After a Facelift

Quick Guide to Reducing Scarring After a Facelift

When you’re considering having a facelift to address the lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin that comes with age, naturally you’re concerned about scarring. After all, facelifts are not a casual surgery. While some scarring is inevitable, there are ways to minimize it.

All Surgeries Leave Scars

Truth is, any type of surgery where an incision is made will leave some scarring. Various factors affect the extent of that scarring — genetics, age, race, skin tone, smoking habits, and the presence of certain medical conditions such as diabetes or bleeding disorders.

While some of these factors cannot be controlled, there are certain steps you can take to help minimize or reduce the appearance of scarring:

  • Follow to the letter your wound care instructions such as when to replace gauze and bandages. Keep the incision site/s dry and clean.
  • Avoid sun exposure after surgery. Exposure to UV rays can significantly increase your risk of scarring. If you really need to go out, use sunscreen, especially on the incision areas.
  • Quit smoking for at least six weeks before your facelift surgery. Smoking can significantly delay healing and increase your risk of infection, both of which influence scarring.
  • Eat mostly whole foods with sufficient nutrients that facilitate healing — lean meats (for the protein), vegetables, beans, and whole grains. And stay hydrated.
  • Choose a plastic surgeon who is highly experienced with facelifts and is knowledgeable of surgical techniques and incision types that will produce the least amount of scarring.

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