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Testimonial from Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn

“Since I have readers from every state (and even many other countries), every so often I try to recommend a plastic surgeon from another region whom I can vouch for. For those of you in the Albany, New York area, I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha…”
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“I’m Glowing Thanks to K Plastic Surgery”

“Dr. Kayastha of K Plastic Surgery recently moved to the medical building on Route 7 in Latham, NY. I refer to it as 711. Not only is that it’s address but literally every single one of my Doctors resides in that building. It’s like a one-stop-medical-shop!…”
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Sample Google Reviews (30 5-Star Reviews)

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” I went to Dr. Kayastha for a gynecomastia procedure. I’m not normally one to write a review, but these reviews helped me pick Dr. K., so this serves as my referral to you to see him! From the start, the experience was nothing but positive.

First impression: the receptionist booking the first consultation was very friendly and just her tone made me feel comfortable and confident. The appointment was scheduled only a week or so out, which was very fast. I sat in the waiting room for just minutes (if that) before I was seen. Dr. K. immediately presented in an extremely professional manner and was incredibly knowledgeable about the procedure. He explained every part in explicit detail – what to expect before, during and after. He made sure I was well-educated too and answered every question (most before I even needed to ask). Dr. K. really took the time to get to know me to figure out what my expectations were.

The surgery was scheduled very quickly and the patient care prior to was just as good as the care after the procedure. Aside from this cosmetic procedure, I’ve returned back to Dr. K. for a mole removal and have referred family and friends to him. I actually get excited when other people talk about procedures because I just want to jump right in and tell them THIS is your Doctor! His work is truly pristine and I wouldn’t trust any one else. Dr. Kayastha comes with my very high recommendation! He takes great pride in his work and it really shows!”
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Matt S.


“Dr. K is a great doctor, really listens and does quality work. He redid a breast reconstruction for me and it looks and feels great. He is a great communicator, I knew exactly what to expect at each step including following surgery (drain, etc.). Office staff are very nice also. Never had to wait too long to see him either, some doctors keep you waiting a long time.”
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“I had reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy and the results are amazing! I look and feel like a whole woman again thanks to Dr. Kayastha. He and the staff made the entire experience so easy and comfortable. They were wonderful! Thank you!”
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Sample Realself Reviews (80 5-Star Reviews)

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“I lost 100lbs after having my second child 13 years ago through diet and exercise. I adopted a healthy, active lifestyle but no matter what I did I would never have the body that I worked so hard for. There was an unpleasant wrinkly, loose skin look to my lower abdomen. I also had an unsightly scar from exploratory surgery which was drastically improved through the surgery. My overall experience was nothing but positive! The Dr,staff, and everyone at the hospital were friendly, knowledgable and professional. I’m a nervous person but I felt 100% confident in the ability of my Dr. My outcome is life changing. I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Kayastha.”
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“At 42 years old, 3 children later, I felt it was time to do something about my sagging, deflated mom boobs. I was self conscious about how I looked naked. It was impossible to find a bathing suit. I looked like a boy in one. I hated the way I looked. This was something I thought about for 20 plus years. I am healthy and take care of myself, I wanted to look great on the outside. I wanted to be able to where bras without padding. I didn’t feel proportioned to the rest of my body. I was worried about maybe issues down the road with implants but I felt I had to at least try this. They can always be removed. I didn’t want to be self conscious the rest of my life. So, I made an appointment with the surgeon.”
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“I chose Dr. Kayastha after asking my bariatric doctor at Ellis to recommended a plastic surgeon (after having a consultation with another plastic surgeon who totally could care less about me and spent about 5-10 mins with me, I knew right then I wasn’t returning.) and he gave me 2 plastic surgeons to choose from, I did my homework and decided from his reviews to make an appointment for a consultation. Best decision I have made! It only took me a couple of minutes after meeting him to realize I made the right choice. And on November 23, 2015 I had a Vertical Abdominoplasty. Dr. Kayastha is very professional, offers his honest and realistic opinion and answers all questions you may have. He takes as much time as needed with you to make sure you completely understand the procedure and outcome.

His office is conveniently located and his office is very clean, neat and orderly. His staff is extremely friendly and very eager to help in any way and will return phone calls almost immediately. There is never a wait to see him and his office hours are very convenient as well. Dr. Kayastha makes you feel comfortable and takes pride in his work. His bedside manner is outstanding and is very efficient with pain management. I am extremely satisfied with the results…I have already recommended to friends and I will be returning to have Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in the future.”
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“I had tried everything-diet, exercise, yoga. Nothing helped. I was tired of carrying the tire around my waist. You see I have always been small, but 8 and 9 pound kids did a number ! I meat Dr. K and now I am back to my self again! People and process he uses is amazing! The doctor and the staff where engaged. The recovery was good. I did not even have to take the prescribed pain meds!
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“I went to Dr. Kayastha for a consultation after wanting to do this for years. I have 2 kids, and during pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight each time. After losing the majority of the weight- (but not all) I looked like many Moms out there- just a lot of extra skin that had zero elasticity. As soon as I had my first appointment, I knew that he would be the perfect plastic surgeon to perform this surgery. I was mortified to show him my “problem areas”, but he made me feel as comfortable as possible immediately. His knowledge and enthusiasm for his profession is apparent and comforting- as this procedure is very difficult and very complex. He took his time with me and double and triple checked that our plan was definitely what I wanted. I knew that after we booked the surgery, he already cared about my results more than I did! He is a perfectionist and that is EXACLTY what you want in a plastic surgeon. We decided on a Tummy Tuck and breast lift with a small implant.

I am 35 and I have never met a doctor with a better bedside manner. I would look forward to seeing him after surgery in the hospital, (and at our many checks afterward) because he is so confident and thorough, that he would ease my mind of any and all concerns. I am 7 weeks post op and feel back to 100%- I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE my new body and I would recommend Dr. K and his staff to anyone!!”
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“I was referred to Dr.K by a physician to have abdominoplasty after losing a lot of weight. The first thing that I liked was the fact I didn’t spend long periods of time in the waiting room. The office staff are very courteous and helpful. Then after meeting the doctor, I was totally impressed with him! He is extremely knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for his patients. He really makes you feel at ease. Dr. K has a phenominal beside manor. Dr. K explains everything in great detail so you completely understand. I am completely satisfied with Dr. K and my results and would recommend him wholeheartedly.”
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*The results described may not be typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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