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Mommy Makeover 1

Patient: 39 Year Old Female

Description: 39 year old female who had two prior pregnancies. She wanted to improve the shape and contour of her midsection. This was accomplished with a full tummy tuck with flank liposuction. She had a significant separation of her abdominal muscles which is known as a ‘rectus diastasis’. This typically occurs as the result of pregnancy and can leave you with a pot belly shaped abdomen. Repairing the split by suturing the muscles back in the mid-line where they were originally gives the abdomen a flatter contour. After that was accomplished the excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen was removed. The final piece in shaping her midsection was to perform liposuction of her flanks to enhance her feminine contour.

She also wanted to have her breasts lifted, enlarged and to improve her upper pole fullness. She underwent augmentation mastopexy with 300 cc Moderate Plus smooth round silicone gel implants. She was happy with her lifted fuller appearance.
She’s shown preoperatively and at three months following surgery.

Procedures Performed:

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