Everyone Ask You If You’re Tired… or Mad? Get a Brow Lift.

Everyone Ask You If You’re Tired… or Mad? Get a Brow Lift.

Time is the master of all, stopping its relentless push for no one. Couple simple aging with gravity and everything starts to sag. Your brows aren’t immune.

The problem is when your brows start to sag and droop you end up giving people at work or in social situations the wrong idea. Sagging brows can lead people to ask you if you’re tired…or mad…of both! And while you weren’t mad when they asked, afterward you sure are!

But a brow lift with Dr. Kayastha can fix all that and stop the misperceptions.

Sometimes called a forehead lift, a brow lift is a surgical procedure that aims to remove wrinkles and creases in the forehead area and the area around the brows. If you have especially droopy skin over your upper eyelids a brow lift can really turn back the clock.

How Does Dr. Kayastha Perform a Brow Lift?

The traditional brow lift created quite an incision, spanning from one ear up around the forehead down to the other ear. Obviously, this created some fairly extensive tissue trauma and, although the incision is hidden in the hairline, there was the potential for scarring.

Now, we perform most brow lifts using the endoscopic approach. Usually, only three to five small incisions are required. They are made behind the patient’s hairline. Then an endoscope (a tube with a tiny camera attached to its tip) is inserted into one of the holes. Through the camera, Dr. Kayastha can see the area he is working on, helping him better manipulate the tissue. The skin and muscles are elevated and tightened. Excess tissue is removed and, where needed, muscle is repositioned.

Some brow lifts situations still call for the traditional non-endoscopic method, but those are becoming rare.

If you’re tired of questions about being tired, maybe it’s time for a brow lift with Dr. Kayastha. Give us a call at 518-346-0002 and let’s talk about your options.