Considering Lobe Repair?

Considering Lobe Repair?

Over the last five years, there has been a trend toward earlobe expansion. Basically, skin stretching devices or “tunnels” are inserted into the earlobe to create a larger than average hole in the center. These holes can be as small as one centimeter and increase to very large sizes.

Of course, what’s cool when someone is young can be less so as that same person ages. Holes that were created will not heal themselves, and can actually increase with the natural loosening of skin that comes with aging.

Thanks to the skill and expertise of K Plastic Surgery, correcting even the most severe earlobe damage can be relatively simple. The skin of the earlobes is particularly easy to work with; corrective treatments are carried out under local anesthetic as outpatient procedures. Risks are minimal and there’s no disruption to everyday life. Recovery times for the ear itself vary in accordance with the scale of the treatment, though the resilient nature of the earlobes ensures rapid healing.

Whether it’s repairing the damage caused by years of heavy earrings, correcting a questionable decision to have large holes created in your ears, or the desire to make a minor change in the shape of your earlobes, give the experts at K Plastic Surgery a call today.