Boosting Self-Esteem through Male Breast Reduction

Boosting Self-Esteem through Male Breast Reduction

Self-esteem can be a very delicate thing, especially for men trying to burn away their body fat in order to achieve their ideal, slimmer bodies. However, certain men may have a more difficult time reaching their goal due to imbalances in their hormone levels that lead to large male breasts. Men with abnormally large breasts experience high levels of embarrassment as they are occasionally the victims of jokes or teasing due to their physical appearance.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts is a condition caused by the excess growth of glandular breast tissue. Factors that contribute to gynecomastia and the growth of breast tissue include underlying disorders, reactions to medication, steroid use, or hormonal imbalance. Although working out can effectively reduce the fat tissue collected in the male chest, surgery is often necessary to remove the main source of enlarged breasts: the glandular breast tissue. Some patients may have mild breast tissue growth while others have excessive sagging skin that creates the appearance of sagging breasts.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is not only an aesthetic procedure but it can also affect a man’s quality of life. During a male breast reduction, the excess glandular tissue, fatty tissue, and excess skin will be removed from the chest with surgical excision and liposuction may also be used to eliminate excess fat and tone the chest for a masculine appearance. Once the excess tissue is removed, the nipple-areolar complex will be repositioned for a proportionate look and men can enjoy a more masculine appearance.

Who is a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction

Men of all ages (including teenagers) who are bothered by their abnormally large breasts can benefit from gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction. Men who have enlarged male breasts often feel uncomfortable or embarrassed while working out, at the beach, and in intimate settings. Surgery is only performed on healthy men—meaning that smokers or those taking certain medications like blood thinners may not be able to receive surgery or will have to wait for their procedure.

Are There Other Gynecomastia Treatments?

Sometimes doctors won’t turn directly to surgery for male breast reduction. The decision to reduce male breasts is a big one, and the type of process necessary may be different for each individual. Exercise and hormone therapy can improve symptoms for many men, but these treatments are often not able to completely reduce the size of enlarged male breasts. Men who receive male breast reduction surgery are often highly satisfied with their procedure and feel an immense boost of self-esteem that helps them get back to doing the activities they love and feel more confident in all areas of their lives.

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